Here are replies to the most popular questions that we are being asked.
How to choose your trusted PR agency?
There's no reply that will suit everyone. We usually recommend to consider the following points before taking decision:
Reputation. Check feedback of current clients.
Result. Ask to provide portfolio of publications, events and successful campaigns.
Ratio. Price is never insignificant. Pay attention to what is included and what services will be charged extra.
Resolution. Find out any "impossible" cases that the company managed to resolve to the benefit of its client.
Reward. Make sure that the people you are dealing with are not only professional, but considerate, attentive and understanding. Productive communications can't be underestimated in any project!
What is included into PR agency retainer fee?
All companies have their own pricing policy. We believe in utmost transparency of all charges and propose our clients either pre-set packages of the most productive tools or tailor-made selection of services matching their current goals and budget.
Would it be easier to allocate advertising budget instead?
Easier – yes. But much more expensive than hiring a high-profile PR agency.

Normally the PR agency monthly retainer fee is 2-5 times cheaper than 1 advertising page in AAA magazine. In the meantime a PR manager guarantees good volume of quality editorials and news features.
What about hiring an inhouse PR manager?
There should definitely be a PR team at a hotel. But they can't have close contact with all markets at the same time. Creating press-releases in several languages, targeted pitches and negotiating next features globally is time- and effort-consuming to top up daily routine and pampering arriving journalists.
What goals should a PR agency hit?
The most successful PR campaigns target rising brand and product awareness, as well as introducing the "talents" of the company to the audience.
However awareness itself doesn't bring income. It is important to use it as a tool minimizing the time you spend to attract more clients and increase new requests flow.
How can PR agency productivity be measured?
The results of PR team are both easier and harder to measure compared to sales force. On the one hand, there is a universal AEV calculator that is based on advertising costs. The PR agency's monthly report normally shows how much they saved for your company by achieving editorial publications instead of paid ones. On the other hand, it is hardly possible to directly convert coverage into sales figures. Activities cannot substitute productivity.

At Collection PR we monitor the way our publications are received by the audience by daily contacts with our B2B database. A successful publication is always mentioned by our travel industry partners as a reservation referral. This way we can link the number of bookings with corresponding amount and quality of coverage.
What is a good volume of coverage to reach awareness?
In the first place we speak of the quality rather than quantity. At Collection PR we work only with AAA magazines and high-profile journalists. While working with bloggers we rely on their tone of voice, reputation and activity. We guarantee to our clients a minimum coverage of 5 full pages per month, but in 99% of cases we produce much more.
What if the journalist or blogger doesn't like our product?
We often hear this question from our clients. While working with us such cases never happen. We know that appealing editorials appear only if the product is 100% match for the target audience and the journalists have personally tried the best of your service. We understand the specifics of our magazines, find out current topics and every time find perfect experience to highlight our clients at their best.
What if no one wants to write about our product?
Over the years of our work such situation has never happened. We guarantee the result and know how to make sure that your clients from our markets know and love your product.
Can you guarantee increase of sales?
We guarantee increase of requests for the products and service of our clients within the first 6 months of working with us.